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Orthodontic miniscrew-implants are small screws inserted into the jaws to help in orthodontic treatmnet with fixed appliances (braces)for faster and better treatment. They are referred as Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD) because after they complete thier purpose, they are removed.

They are used to treat:

  • 1- Bite problems
  • 2- Treat teeth protrusion
  • 3- Retract impated teeth

Insertion of the miniscrews:

After numbing the area where the screw is to be placed by gel or spray, the screw is inserted by gentle pressure with hand driver in clockwise direction (small amount of local anaesthesia may be given by the needle if needed).

Removalof the miniscrews:

After the screw completes its role in orthodontics, it is unscrewed anticlockwise by the driver and anaesthesia is not necessary.

Different cases treated by micro-screws

miniscrew a)Before
miniscrew a)After
miniscrew Orthodontic case prepared for orthognathic surgery
miniscrew The case after preparation

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