Fouda Orthodontics

Prof. Dr. Maher Abdelsalam Fouda Dr. Ahmed Maher Fouda Dr. Sherif Maher Fouda

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The center is found in Mansoura city along a famous street called `elmashya` street along the River is about 15 minutes walk from the main gate of Mansoura Univeristy. The center was founded in 1982. we are well known for orthodontic treatmnet for adult and teenageres .All our patients recieve a warm and friendly welcome.

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Recent works (from the Portfolio). I Hope you like it!


we can provide a comprehensive orthodontic treatment of all ages. we provide the latest and new achieves in orthodontic treatment.


Dr. Maher employes assistants with high talent in orthodontic treatment. There are also expertise surgeons in the cases that need surgical assistance with orthodontic treatment


The equipments is the very latest available and the material. we had acomplete profession in orthodontic facilities.

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